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Info website on Dr. Prieto & his courses (linguistics, Spanish, theology). 
Dr. Prieto's CV (resume, curriculum vitae)                                         My PhD dissertation

Dr. Victor M. Prieto graduated from: Carabobo State University, Venezuela (B.S. in Language Education), Venezuela Baptist Seminary (B.A. in Theology),  The University of Florida (MA & PhD  in linguistics), & NGU.(Master's in Christian Ministry). He's  taught English as a 2nd Language, Spanish, & Linguistics in four different colleges in the USA. Currently, he is a professor of Spanish and linguistics at NGU in South Carolina, & teaches at the Hispanic Bible Institute in Taylors, SC. 

Dr. Prieto is also the Hispanic Ministries Consultant for the Spartanburg (SC) Baptist Network (Association); after several years of Music Ministry and Associate Pastor ministries at different churches in Venezuela & the USA. 
He is married to Monica Giraldo, and they have a son, Victor Emanuel, a high-schooler at Shannon Forest. 
     Hobbies: SPORTS!!! (1-soccer, 2-baseball, 3-basketball, 4-volley, 5-everything else!);    MUSIC!

With my mother, Silvia, in Caracas (March 2015), Venezuela, where we were born.

the family visiting Mayan ruins in Coba, Mexico, Dec. 2015
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